Topic outline

  • General

  • 1. Readings to set the scene

    In this section find resources that will stay with us and probably grow throughout the Orientation - the Word & Book Glossary, the TechTips & Scholar Skills, the Orientation Handbook are examples.

    On the top of each element page there are links to each of these resources so they are easy to get back to. Once you are done, use the links in the horizontal scroll bar above to get back to the element you were working on.

  • 2. Links to courses

    If your chosen course does not show up here it is because you have arrived before we are ready.

    To bide the time read the readings above, download and set up the software from below and, if on a paid program, set up your email system with a folder or filter to catch mail form your chosen course (use the first 3 or 4 capital letters or numbers from the course title below as the filter term - this shows up in the subject line of emails from us).

  • 3. A collection of useful software